About us

We are first to acknowledge the difficulty in buying goat during Bakrid

An ultimate online bucks (Baqraa) and nannies (baqari) Shopping
Destination here in India. The vision of Baqraa.com is to develop the
most reliable and smooth e-commerce ecosystem that helps buyers and
sellers with life-changing experiences.

Our Team

Our team is composed of experienced professionals from various fields,
including software development, design, and marketing. We work
together to create innovative products and services that meet the
needs of our clients.

Our Vision

We have started in March 2023 with a visionary approach to solve the
biggest chaos during life’s happiest moments. (Festivals, weddings,
and others get others) all over India. A Boon The trend of online
shopping is becoming a household name and so is Baqraa.com. For Shop
online, here at baqraa.com is very simple. What you need is a mobile
phone, laptop, or tablet with Internet connection. Simply log into
baqraa.com and check through the wide across categories

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